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Current 5-Star Employers

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5-Star Employer Program

The 5-Star Employer Program is an on-going initiative to deliver a highly professional, proactive and globally competitive workforce for the businesses of Valdosta-Lowndes County. The campaign enables the Chamber to implement strategic workforce and economic development initiatives and pursue them energetically while identifying and addressing obstacles.

This initiative entails five strategic elements that serve as effective hiring tools to drive workforce development of the highest-quality in Valdosta-Lowndes County. It is imperative for employers to view our region as an emerging mega-power of economic opportunity, while investing in the key element to attaining this status.
That key element is workforce development.

The Five Core Strategies

1. Increase the high school graduation rate in Valdosta-Lowndes County
No Diploma, No Job serves as a motivating factor encouraging students to remain in school and graduate. This strategy serves as a hiring tool for employers to raise the standard for employment by requiring an education level equivalent to high school completion or beyond for applicants 18 and older.

2. Create a competitive workforce
The future workforce is a vital component of the long-term results for attaining a competitive advantage. In order to compete regionally, nationally and globally the Chamber understands it must continually build a skilled workforce through education that consists of lifelong learning and continuous professional development.

3. Fine tune specific professional skill-sets
The Specialist Certificate Program is available at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. If an employer requires a specific ‘skill-set’ for a current or forthcoming position, a curriculum can be designed to accommodate need through Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. This strategy provides another means of creating a workforce in Valdosta-Lowndes County that is highly-talented and skilled for these categories of positions.

4. Safe, Productive and Drug-free workplaces
The DRUGS DON’T WORK In South Georgia program gives employers the tools to ensure a competitive, productive and safe work environment for employees and customers alike. Environments of this standard create a culture that increases employee retention, employee loyalty and overall company morale. With this program in place, the quality of workforce is enhanced, as a result the company leaders can focus more primarily on “managing business” instead of “managing people.”

5. Economic Impact
The Georgia Work Ready program provides employers with a true assessment of an employee’s skill set. With strong public and private partnerships, the evolving Valdosta-Lowndes County workforce and businesses will be a mega-power of economic opportunity. This is in turn will create a thriving community for continued success.