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Government Affairs Council

Represents the business community to local, state and federal elected officials; aggressively promoting legislative issues that pertain to business development.


Military Affairs

Continues a long-standing tradition in our community of cultivating and enhancing a positive relationship between the business community and local military personnel.


Business Climate & Economic Development

  • Support incentives and policies that encourage investment in Georgia outside of the metro Atlanta area
  • Support reimplementation of Sales Tax Holiday to help abate the negative impact on border counties and cities
  • Support tax credits that incentivize the rehabilitation of historic downtowns, buildings, & landmarks

Education, Talent, & Workforce

  • Support the preservation of Georgia’s employment-at-will doctrine and the state’s right-to-work status
  • Support incentives for the development of affordable workforce housing
  • Support increasing coordination of resources, improved curriculum alignment, and the expansion of pathways and high demand majors, between K-12 and higher education systems to meet the needs of industry and a modernizing workforce
  • Recognize the $368M annual economic impact that Valdosta State University makes in the South Georgia Region and support efforts to increase its ability to compete with universities in Georgia and neighboring states
  • Recognize the tremendous impact of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College and Georgia Military College on creating a workforce pipeline and support their continued efforts

Rural Health Care

  • Support expansion of public access to telemedicine and basic primary care to support a healthier workforce
  • Support continuation of efforts to provide transparency of medical charges and prescription pricing
  • Support legislation that will aid in the recruitment and training of frontline personnel, particularly in rural and underserved areas
  • Support reasonable means of supplementing costs of medical services provided by rural hospitals such as South Georgia Medical Center, a major economic engine in South Georgia

Military & Defense

  • Recognize the $749M annual economic impact the Moody Air Force Base makes on the South Georgia region and support policies, investments, and partnerships that strengthen Georgia’s military installations
  • Support immediate licensure portability for military spouses
  • Support transferability of academic credits and achievements and extracurricular educational activities for military children


  • Support the increased access to broadband for all Georgians through increased investment and incentivize partnerships with all utility partners


  • Support additional funding in the state budget for airport, logistics, roads, and infrastructure improvements
  • Support additional funding and incentives to improve freight movement across Georgia

Tourism & Hospitality

  • Support increased funding of the arts and tourism as an economic development strategy